Q. Is Tailteann as much of a values-based organisation as it seems?

Padraig's Answer:

"We'd like to believe it is, ya. To bring these values (which are expressed across this site) to life, we spend a lot of time converting them to "Actions". Take our Core Psychological Value, Creativity, for example. We have put in place strategies that help to break bad habits relating to established thought patterns, which assists our team members to look at things in a different light. Feeling big gains rarely arise from small gambles, we also encourage each member to follow their hearts and intuition when in our own-brand products' R&D phases, and bravely take calculated risks. When they pay off, we further succeed. On the pretty rare occasions they don't, we've an even wiser workforce.

Converting our Physical Values and our Organisational Values to Actions is obviously of equal importance to us. An example of the former is Reliability, which to us means staying true to our internal collective promise to always do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, particularly when it is much easier not to. And thanks to the commitment, discipline and integrity of our team, and to the careful construction of our standardised modus operandi (which enables us to deliver an all-encompassing service that is highly consistent without ever being drably conformist), we believe we can successfully "live" this particular value each day we go to work. We quickly discovered that this "reliability-based approach" reaps benefits for all - it enables us to deliver real, objective value to our B2C and B2B customers, we receiving a fair price which reflects what we bring to the table in return. As Bruce Springsteen used to say when signing off his live shows, "Nobody Wins Unless Everyone Wins"!

Speaking of "The Boss", he is at the heart of one of our Organisational Values, Initiative, too. To explain, when Fergal hopped into his car to leave for Doctot's first ever meeting, he turned on the radio to Spingsteen's "Dancing in the Dark". Touched by the lyric "You can't start a fire without a spark"; that evening, Fergal designed a customised screensaver for all of us, which featured those words. Three dozen premium Apps later, we all still have the screensaver upon our devices, continually treating the lyric as a guiding light."