Q. Have YOU always been AS open AS YOU SEEM TO BE NOW?

Padraig's Answer:

"That's a definite no! In the aftermath of Bainisteoir - Hurling's launch, we received an awful lot of media attention. And while it was very welcome from a sales point of view, we must admit we found it distracting to the point of being disruptive. As I suppose we'd all be pretty self-effacing types anyway, we made a collective decision around that time to retreat to the shadows from where we came, and simply focus all of our energy upon product development. From a creative point of view, moving off-stage worked out really well for us. In truth, it's probably where we'd be most comfortable remaining.

However, over the course of time, we realised just how important it is to have a "cultural fit" with one's partners. So, to let prospective collaborators see if their values, outlooks and behaviours possibly align with Tailteann's, we provided an insight into ours. If they feel we can work together after reading such, we hugely welcome their contact. Because in the heel of the hunt, we feel it is people, not ideas (Larry Page's "Toothbrush Test" will often suffice regarding the latter) that are truly worth investing in."